Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ready for last round!

9th round on play, and only a few categories have already a clear winner.

Open Under 7: Nathan Mar (SIN) and Jared Acosta (COL) are tied with 7/8.
Open Under 9: Arjun Bharat (IND), with a perfect score 8/8 is already the winner.
Open Under 11: Sanal Vahap (TUR) will get the title, as he only lost half point in these 8 rounds.
Open Under 13: Jorge Cori (PER) with 7/8, can still be caught by Idani Pouya (IRI), who has 6.
Open Under 15: The most balanced category! 6 players can still win: Shen Chuan-Qi (SIN) has 6 points. 5.5 for Timothy Chan (SIN), Daniel Chan (SIN), Weiliang Tan (SIN). And with 5 we have Ramalingam Karthik (IND) and Rezon Yanuar (INA). Looks like a great situation for local players!
Open Under 17: Also several players with options here: Kouri Ibrahim (UAE) 6, Terry Chua (SIN) and Jonathan Koh (SIN) 5.5, Bhakti Kulkarni (IND) and Dominic Lo (SIN) 5.

Girls Under 7: With 8 points in 8 games, Bansi Prathima (IND) has already done her work!
Girls Under 9: Ivana Maria Furtado (IND, 7 points) has a slight advantage with Meghna (IND, 6.5). With 6 points we have Nyimas Sonia (INA)
Girls Under 11: Medina Warda (INA) is another player with a perfect score in 8 rounds, so nobody can catch her.
Girls Under 13: Anjana Krishna (IND) is the leader with 7 points. 1 point behind are Monica Sihite (INA) and Paula Andrea Rodriguez (COL)
Girls Under 15: Deisy Cori (PER, 7.5) has 2.5 points over her closest rivals!
Girls Under 17: They are playing together with Open U17, but Bhakti Kulkarni (IND, 5), Toh Li Cheng (SIN, 4.5) and Angelique Hattingh (RSA, 4) are the players with options to be the first girl in the group.


chess_parent said...

Please post the names of the Gold, silver and bronze medal winners for every age group

R2R_MAX said...

For future events, pls select for more qualified judges/ directors. A lot of dissapointing decisions had been made during the tournament. You have not only embarashed the world class event but also your own beloved country.